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Fiction | Our Favorite Android

You ask him this time.© Angel-KunWe keep losing track of our favorite android. I don’t know how he’s moving through the ship. But CommDeck always finds his recordings.4Derek (as he calls himself) goes into an unidentified setting–a converted access area of the ship where the location trackers aren’t working. He strips naked in the recording. … Continue reading Fiction | Our Favorite Android

Fiction | Rising in His Moonlit Guard

a fantasy romantica drabble© iZer0The pointed tips of Narrentuarn’s ears twitched at the urgent sounds in his mind. His hands vibrated from the desperate energy in his two ceremonial swords. The spell worked. They were coming. Across the platform of the moon rising ceremony, Hrroulenan gently drew smooth arcs of thickly smoking, herbal balls. His hypnotic body … Continue reading Fiction | Rising in His Moonlit Guard

When the Rainbow Wins: Annual Awards

When the Rainbow Wins: Annual Awards

Annual awards are one of the incentives in the publication world for writers to experiment with stories and to ensure that work is well edited. Since I've started deliberately writing queer-centric fiction, I've been keeping on an eye out for awards focusing on stories featuring queer characters. While these stories could and do win big name awards, … Continue reading When the Rainbow Wins: Annual Awards