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Below is a peek at novels in progress. Each cover design is a working cover (temporary).

Hills Under His Shining Star

Hills Under His Shining Star ebook coverScience Fantasy M/M Romance set in the world of “Wrangling Them Vampire Cows”. This is a past Camp NaNoWriMo project.

A soldier comes upon one of the enemy’s gods, who doesn’t seem much more than a young man with wings. Realizing that their encounter endangers both their lives, they set out on a journey to discover the truth about their peoples’ origins.

Excerpt from the Rough Draft:

Hills’ captain had blown up. The survivors of his unit had scattered like vermin through the dust and across the bloody rubble of the street. Where are they going? Hunkering beside a side of carriage that remained upright, he stared at the memory of an armored back that was supposed to have remained at his side.

This was supposed to be an easy mission. They were supposed to amble around, intimidating temple worshippers by their armed presence out of the city.

Instead, someone had fought with indecipherable weapons.

Had the priest struck back?

“Strip this.” Hills risked clambering onto a pile of rubble to survey the scene. His hearing was numbed from the mysterious blast. He couldn’t sense much of anything but a hot terror from within his full-body armor. The rare sensitives from home wore enhancement suits. Blinds like him couldn’t do more than–yeah, the irony–see from the stretchy under-layer of the standard armor.

Climbing through his armor felt like rising through a dream. But the reality of the situation meant he couldn’t succumb to a darkness to wake in bed.

At least, he doubted the dead wake in bed in the afterlife.

Hidden Compassions

M/M Erotic Dark Fantasy. This was a Camp NaNoWriMo project in 2017. On hiatus.

In spite of his father’s warnings, the young master of a powerful Nacooc estate selects a rebellious slave to help him develop his summoning powers.

The slave challenges him at every stage. Master Keflin would worry about his reluctant partner killing him in his sleep if keeping the foreign-born man in bed didn’t offer protection from more hateful members of the estate.

What no one can protect him from is the war coming to the Nacooc. His family is expected to lead the defense. But what if, even with help, he can’t master his powers in time?

Changing Sides

Queer Science Fiction Romance. Known also as Remainder of the Other. This novel features an unconventional couple, high-tech art, and cyborg politics in the near future.


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Lexi Amis prefers retro ways of relating to people who are connected by implants in the body. His preferences begin to change as he falls for a secretive man who survives in a world even more reliant on technology. As Lexi learns, who you connect to is more important than how.