Buy Links for 10+ Queer SFF Webcomics

Buy Links for 10+ Queer SFF Webcomics

One of my most popular posts on this website was not about my work but what other creators have published: “10+ Queer SFF Webcomics for Adults”. The post from 2019 has needed updates as the links changed. That’s not the easiest to do from the original, so from this point forward, the latest links are on a new page.

So you know, the list on the new page isn’t the same as the original. Some of the webcomics have been discontinued. Some are now available only by purchase.

Because the original links went directly to the webcomics, readers going through my website might not have seen the ways to financially support the creators. Here’s a list of links to their book shops (📚) and—for comics not yet in book form—Patreon pages.

1. Miss Lucid Comics 📚 for Avialae

2. Bob Appavu, creator of Demon of the Underground

3. Asmodeus, creator of Exorcism Academy

4. Puck of Dragon Husbands and Hive Heart

5. Lacey of Lies Within

6. Nebulae Press 📚 for Novae by KaiJu

7. Store for Kendra and Kat (Misadventure Central), creators of Spacejinx

8. HamletMachine 📚 for Starfighter

9. toherrys, creator of Unknown Lands

10. Wish and Will by Candy—see the Donate link (which I won’t link to directly for its security)

The Bonus group:

Thanks for scrolling all the way through! If you would like to throw a few dollars (or equivalent) my way, then try Ko-fi.


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