Me and Social Media: An Update

Me and Social Media: An Update

You have maybe heard of the migration from “the birdsite” to a group of “federated” websites built on the bones of an extinct elephant. And if you know what this means, you might want to skip down to the next section.

If not, then maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. The gist is that Twitter users are looking for a new place to land, and one of those is the collection of social media sites known as Mastodon.

The migration started as soon as one of the great embarrassments of two North American countries, South Africa, and wherever else he claims to be a citizen finished wasting judicial officials’ resources in a legal battle reminiscent of middle school drama (but that could have actually been a way to collect the company’s data on millions of users before many of us fled) to eventually purchase ownership of one of the world’s most politically influential social media company, presumably with funds from the United States of America and (pro-Russia) Saudi Arabian governments.

By the way, this is all totally on brand for the past decade, isn’t it? The new owner is a billionaire who acts like a Russian political asset while openly supporting White supremacists and making space for the lunatic imbecile who someone became the 45th POTUS. The social tsunami of 2013 continues, but this could be the peak.

Back to a summary. Predictably, the new owner, notorious for his rich-boy adolescent behavior, immediately began trashing the company by firing many of the employees in charge of maintenance and moderation, breaking codes used for safety and quality control, and letting some of the trashiest rich people to break codes of conduct back into their accounts.

Fuuu~n times.

I refuse to consent to Twitter’s policy and procedure changes or to be associated with those people. I’ve deleted what I could and deactivated my account.

Screenshot of deactivated Twitter profile for @shadowfals. Text says, "This account doesn't exist".

So where am I?

For microblogging, I’m currently on and for the rare occasion on MeWe.

Other writers and artists are opening accounts at Counter Social (a hacker’s softdream), Hive (now real! but not nearly as technologically advanced as the one in my fiction), and Tumblr (of “female-presenting nipples” fame). I’m not on these sites or apps because of technical, privacy, and moderation concerns.

You could potentially run into me on SecondLife (yes, it still exists) or on various writing sites without knowing. But the easiest way to reach me if the need ever arises is probably through the contact form here.


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