A Dragon’s Heart and Other Stories

Hello. 👋

This is an update about stories old and new.

First off– I want to apologize for the mess around here. My website and social media feel neglected to me, and I imagine it all feels that way to visitors.

Second– I want to note that Fals’ Fiction has been copied from Medium.com into blog posts. As of this writing, the accompanying header images are not always showing. I will fix those, add proper credits to the original publishers within the posts, and redirect the links on the Fiction page soon (whatever that means in Pandemic Time).

Third– and this is big to me– the popular ezine Daily Science Fiction published my story “How to Win a Dragon’s Heart” today. This new fantasy romance is about a shy human courting a dragon who works in their town’s general supplies shop. You can view the story for free on the homepage while it lasts, or use the permalink in the title.

Thanks for reading.

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