Fiction | Our Favorite Android

You ask him this time.

© Angel-Kun

We keep losing track of our favorite android. I don’t know how he’s moving through the ship. But CommDeck always finds his recordings.

4Derek (as he calls himself) goes into an unidentified setting–a converted access area of the ship where the location trackers aren’t working. He strips naked in the recording. His model is designed to look like an average young male. The way he moves makes him exceptionally more attractive than anyone else on the ship.

No one knows where he learned to move like that. Nobody admits to knowing why the ship’s cables are responsive to his rubbing against them. Those other robots, designed to help Maintenance and Cargo in moves, must’ve been “defected” out of the storage bay to 4Derek’s recording area. Tentacles weren’t originally programmed to… service an android.

His custom reprogramming is genius.

Everyone believes he’s doing it on purpose. The crew believes he must be doing it for me.

He only smiles when I ask him about it.

— CommDeck Derek’s Private Log