10+ Queer SFF Webcomics for Adults

There was an interesting discussion prompt in my Twitter feed today…

And I thought, Jeesh, what kind of science fiction and fantasy comics and graphic novels am I into? Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up–

I jump between novels, short stories, and a variety of graphic fiction through the day, almost every day. That’s my normal. Somehow, I stay too busy reading and thinking about writing to make decent lists.

However! I managed to steal more time than I’ll confess to for what should have been a relatively easy post. Below is a list of free SFF webcomics, which we all should be able to enjoy. (Then return here and thank me! My self esteem needs a boost.)

All of these stories are ongoing, meaning they are incomplete. You can follow along with the rest of us readers. Most also involve M/M romances… just because.

CW: All include some combination of explicit sexual content, violence, bloody wounds, swear words, and drug use.

Genre Key:

  • Fantasy: 👹
  • Historical: 🗡️
  • Paranormal: 👻
  • Romance: 💕 (or Erotica: 💓)
  • Science Fiction: 🚀

SFF Webcomics with LGBTQ+ Characters

1. Avialae by Miss Lucid 👹💕

2. Demon of the Underground by Shobana ‘Bob’ Appavu  👻👹

3. Exorcism Academy by Asmodeus  👹🚀💕

4. Hive Heart by Puck  🚀💕

5. Lies Within by lacey  👻👹💕

6. Novae by KaiJu  🗡️👹💕

7. Spacejinx by Misadventure Central  🚀💓 [Note, Feb 2022: undergoing a site migration]

8. Starfighter by HamletMachine  🚀💕

9. Unknown Lands by toherrys  👹

10. Wish and Will by Candy  👹💕

Bonus: 3 More Webcomics

I gravitate toward paranormal, hard sci-fi, and romantica (romantic erotica) most days. But selecting from my scattered bookmarks and haphazard memory brings up brings up more diversity.

Are you a fan of sword-and-sorcery fantasy; softer and quieter sci-fi; and sweet, slow-burning romances? Then definitely check out the following webcomics.

BSandL by Nilukka  🚀💕

The Prince and The Swan by April Pierce and Gareth CJ. Wee 👹💕

Spidersilk by Alakotila  👹💕

I’ve made assumptions about accessibility here. Please let me know if the emoji for the genres or the links aren’t working as expected on your side.