10+ Queer SFF Webcomics for Adults

10+ Queer SFF Webcomics for Adults

Update, 11 Jan 2023: This post will soon be archived, which will take it out of public access. Please see the new page of recommendations for the latest links.

There was an interesting discussion prompt in my Twitter feed today…

And I thought, Jeesh, what kind of science fiction and fantasy comics and graphic novels am I into? Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up–

I jump between novels, short stories, and a variety of graphic fiction through the day, almost every day. That’s my normal. Somehow, I stay too busy reading and thinking about writing to make decent lists.

However! I managed to steal more time than I’ll confess to for what should have been a relatively easy post. Below is a list of free SFF webcomics, which we all should be able to enjoy. (Then return here and thank me! My self esteem needs a boost.)

All of these stories are ongoing, meaning they are incomplete. You can follow along with the rest of us readers. Most also involve M/M romances… just because.

CW: All include some combination of explicit sexual content, violence, bloody wounds, swear words, and drug use.

Genre Key:

  • Fantasy: 👹
  • Historical: 🗡️
  • Paranormal: 👻
  • Romance: 💕 (or Erotica: 💓)
  • Science Fiction: 🚀

SFF Webcomics with LGBTQ+ Characters

1. Avialae by Miss Lucid 👹💕

2. Demon of the Underground by Shobana ‘Bob’ Appavu  👻👹

3. Exorcism Academy by Asmodeus  👹🚀💕

4. Hive Heart by Puck  🚀💕

5. Lies Within by lacey  👻👹💕

6. Novae by KaiJu  🗡️👹💕

7. Spacejinx by Misadventure Central  🚀💓 [Note, Feb 2022: undergoing a site migration]

8. Starfighter by HamletMachine  🚀💕

9. Unknown Lands by toherrys  👹

10. Wish and Will by Candy  👹💕

Bonus: 3 More Webcomics

I gravitate toward paranormal, hard sci-fi, and romantica (romantic erotica) most days. But selecting from my scattered bookmarks and haphazard memory brings up brings up more diversity.

Are you a fan of sword-and-sorcery fantasy; softer and quieter sci-fi; and sweet, slow-burning romances? Then definitely check out the following webcomics.

BSandL by Nilukka  🚀💕

The Prince and The Swan by April Pierce and Gareth CJ. Wee 👹💕

Spidersilk by Alakotila  👹💕

I’ve made assumptions about accessibility here. Please let me know if the emoji for the genres or the links aren’t working as expected on your side.