Eligibility Post for 2019 SFF Awards

This post is an expansion of “Time Jumps: 2018 Review”. Messy details are presented here for later reference.

Works Published in 2018

Most of my science fiction and fantasy (SFF) last year was flash fiction. Below is a list.

What are the big speculative fiction awards?

The three biggest SFF awards I know of (excluding the controversial WotF) are the John W. Campbell Award and the Hugo Awards, which both given at the annual WorldCon.

John W. Campbell Award

The John W. Campbell Award is given to the” best new science fiction or fantasy writer” whose first qualifying work was published in a professional publication in the previous two years.


Writers with a qualifying professional work published in 2016 or 2017. Eligibility does not reset with pseudonyms. Each writer has a two year eligibility window after publishing a qualifying work.


Poetry does not qualify. Neither does self-published work under 10,000 copies in its print run or making less than pro rates. That means none of my work in 2018 qualifies for the Campbell.

Quote source: http://www.writertopia.com/awards/campbell

Hugo Awards

Eligibility and Expectations

While the World Science Fiction Society sponsors the Hugos, they are not limited to sf. Works of fantasy or horror are eligible if the members of the Worldcon think they are eligible.[…] Works do not have to be published in a “professional” publication (as defined here) to be eligible for a Hugo Award.

Self-published entries are accepted. But I should note I’m not expecting nominations of my work. Flash fiction by a relative unknown can’t really compete against the recognizable names published in pro

Defined Categories:

  • Best Novel
  • Best Novella
  • Best Novelette
  • Best Short Story
  • Best Related Work
  • Best Graphic Story
  • Best Dramatic Presentations (Long Form and Short Form)
  • Best Editor (Long Form and Short Form)
  • Best Professional Artist
  • Best Semiprozine
  • Best Fanzine
  • Best Fancast
  • Best Fan Writer
  • Best Fan Artist

Source: http://www.thehugoawards.org/hugo-categories/


From The Hugo Awards website,

Nominations will close on March 16, 2019 at 06:59 UTC (11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time on 15 March). Paper ballots must be received by mail by 15 March 2019. The Finalists for the Awards will be announced in early April.

WorldCon’s Dublin 2019 will be held through the third weekend of August.

Nebula Awards


All works first published publicly in English, in the United States or the Internet, during the calendar year, in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction. Works are eligible whether or not their authors are members of SFWA.

Who Can Nominate?

“All Active and Associate members of SFWA in good standing are eligible to make nominations during the NOMINATION PERIOD.”


  • Short Story
  • Novelette
  • Novella
  • Novel
  • Game Writing

Source: https://nebulas.sfwa.org/about-the-nebulas/nebula-rules/

Others’ Eligible Works

Crowdsourced The Hugo Awards 2019 list (Google spreadsheet)