Time Jumps: 2018 Review and 2019 Foreview

Let’s do the time jumps agaaaain!

We’re going to travel with our imaginations. I’ll lead. Ready?

I imagine…

a world regrowing from the ashes of recent fires…

reuniting after evil is replaced by public servants in governments…

and new readers searching on my favorite themes and tropes.


Of course, I have little control over any of that.

Writing Vision for Next Year

I’m feeling as if I have little control over making the next scenes into reality, too. That’s why we’re going to start on the far end of optimism.

In 2019, I will complete four novel drafts and an anthology. Three of my long form manuscripts will sell to a well-respected press who pays advances and gives releases an edge with promotions.

Three of my short works will sell to professional Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) or LGBT+ Romance markets. Meanwhile, I will release a short story or poem every month. Thousands of people (and few non-people) will sign up for my newsletter for updates.

I will give excellent interviews.

My “organic” site traffic will increase every month through the year.

I will self-publish two ebooks by the end of the year to no complaints by my trade editor(s). I will sell a total of 10,000 copies of the two ebooks, making enough to cover all of my basic living expenses…

And my living expenses will be relatively low. My recovering health (as it’s been terrible this year) and strengthening relationships will make me wealthier (not financially, but in more essential resources).

On the end of extreme caution, my goals are simpler.

In 2019, another of my works will sell to a professional SFF or LGBT+ Romance market. I won’t die. I’ll write at least another dozen stories, sharing each as appropriate.

That’s what have.

Hold my hand. We’re going to jump to the left. Then… ready? Skip back to the present.

Waiting at the end of the world

Review of the Previous Year

What’s surprises me looking back at what I’ve collected through the year is how much there is. My year is a painful blur in memory. I feel as if not much has changed , I’m exactly where I was a year ago, because I stalled out on the Hivepunk novel.

Here’s what I have done.


  • 12 SFF short stories (mostly flash fiction) and one poem on Medium.com (under Acin Fals)
  • Sci-fi poetry on Strange Horizons (under A.M. Fals)
  • A variety of short non-fiction on Medium and here

Drafted (as in, sketched with words):

  • One fantasy romance poem
  • Two erotic fantasy short stories
  • One romantic fantasy comic script
  • Several forgettable non-SFF flash stories and poems
  • Parts of multiple novels
    • A chapter or two of RotO
    • Roughly 20,000 words for NaNoWriMo
    • Bits of dark erotic fantasy and sci-fi

That’s not nothing. This was an incredibly bad year for health with a series of infections, surgeries, and injuries layered on top of immune and mental health issues, hitting against obstacles in local healthcare systems. The works in the lists above exist despite all of that.

Most of all… I love these creations that are in my arms, no longer trapped in my head. (Except for that pile of non-SFF work on the floor. Ignore those.)

And those are my 2018 accomplishments in writing. Other than writing stories and posts, I’ve developed my graphic design skills, met too many interesting authors to follow, and taken in more information about where to go and what to do to continue moving forward. (The info’s in there! I don’t need to remember it all at once. Thankfully.)

Good things can continue to happen even as the world burns.

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