Fiction | Chapped Hips

Fiction | Chapped Hips

© vladorlov


His text said, “when u get home round me up”.

My withdrawn fangs itched in my gums at the images inspired by his simple message. Billy was only direct when it came to sex and jokes. He knew I planned to leave work at the warehouse early, before 2 A.M. I now expected a surprise. Billy excelled at them. He preoccupied himself at night by making plans.

The last time I trained a new hire in a short shift, Derek set up the house as an Easter egg hunt, wrapping himself up in a gold foil ribbon as the prize.

Guess where he wore the gold bow.

I texted him as I headed home. Entering through the front door, I glanced around for signs of his latest project. Nothing. “Billy?”

“Meet me in the bedroom!”

The bedroom looked empty. I stripped, listening past the rustle of fabric and the shuffling of my feet on our rug to pick up Billy’s fluttering heartbeat. Close. Excited.

He knew I could hear him. “You’ve already come out of the closet once–”

“Ta-da!” He exploded past the swinging door of our shared closet in a blur of flesh tones and dark brown, of scents: skin and soap and clean leather. “Howdy, partner!”

I dropped to the bed with a laugh. He waved a cowboy hat at me then at his body, presented only in a pair of lighter chaps that almost matched his skin color. “Should I expect the rest of the Men at Work?

“Who’s that?”

“Forget it. I need only one.” I reach out to hook his chaps where they opened at his ass and dropped to my knees in front of his arching. My soft tongue teased along his hard shaft, changing tempos, always keeping my itching fangs off his skin. Billy moaned, loud, long, and encouraging. I swirled my tongue around his velvety head then licked all the way to his balls.

The urge to bite strengthened. I fought it down to take his ball sack in my left hand. I used my right hand to reach around to play with his ass. He spread his legs to open himself up for me.

“Wes!” he cried out to me. “You don’t have to wait.”

I always did until the end, but my fangs were going to drop before my cum did. After a few more minutes of licking, I was at his upper thigh, pulling on the chaps to expose another inch. The smell of his unique scent, sweaty, and pulsing, of his delicious blood, washed over me in waves. I sank my fangs into his flesh.

Billy gasped, “F-fuck yes! Par’ner, I’m — ” His delicious blood shot into my eager mouth.

I drank up his yolky cum and left marks in ass that night. The chaps quickly came off but so did we.