Fiction | Discerning Love from Lust

This Time… needs some Love.

© Gromovataya

While the twins’ antics entertain all us gods, I find myself impatient with their tricks. The sweet gift Hope brings to our meetings bitters. When will Love’s attention turn into kinder acts than pranks?

This one party of the gods storms in celebration at the home Space shares with Imagination. Insanity lurks as usual in a shadowy corner of the library caressing Wisdom.

Lust eyes me through the dancers. Knew I, this Time, that Lust wants a quick moment. I skim along the edge of the crow out of her view to instead look for her sister.

Love dances into view adorned in roses of sunset: deep reds and vibrant oranges. She smiles acceptance of my embrace. I whisper my devotion, offer eternity as a gift. She murmurs against my lips, “You know intense passion dies out.”

I glare at Lust in my arms.

Her roses fade at my touch.

Lust and Love are often personified as women, with she/her pronouns. Does flipping the gender impact your experience of the story?

Find out!

P.S. I Love You has published the alternate version, “Discerning Love from Lust”.